Friday, July 06, 2007

Rain, rain go away . . .

It has been raining all week. My flower beds are flooded! Sure hope they survive.

DH is working nights this week & hasn't made it to bed before noon each day. He's really tired.

I was expecting to be alone on the 4th of July as DH would be sleeping & all the kids would be at work. But, one of the water lines broke & all day was spent trying to find & fix it. DH never got to bed & 2 of the 3 kids never made it to work. We finally got the water back on yesterday afternoon. There are 3 big holes (now full of water) & busted concrete where our grill sat. What a mess!

Just when I think things are going well & we can start remodeling, another problem pops up that moves to the top of the priority list. The house needs to be replumbed! Some of the water lines were run back in the 1950's before you had to map out where they were laid. Therefore, we don't know where they are! Hence all the holes in the yard. DH thinks it'll be best to run the lines through the attic & down the walls into the house. Not a warm weather job.

I spent last week visiting my mom & sister. We had a good time together. The weather was nice & we were able to get in the pool every day.

My sister & her husband are raising 2 baby deer. They are so cute! Each fawn drinks 5 bottles of goat's milk per day. I got to feed them a couple of times. When they finish eating, they run, jump & play. It's so funny! You can hear the milk sloshing in their stomachs as they run by you.

We went to a couple of flea markets & I bought a brand new living room suite! When we went in I remarked that this was the kind of sofa I wanted. The owner told me it was a brand new set handmade by a local man especially to sell in this flea market. It's Queen Anne style, burgundy sofa, love seat, wingback chair, 2 pillows, & ottoman. All for $750. I'm so happy with it. It looks just like I had it pictured in my mind.

Now I'm waiting a nephew to come claim the old sofa. He's moving to Texas to go to graduate school & needs furniture. Hopefully he'll come this weekend as it's really in the way.

My niece lost her baby last week. My brother said she's doing good & her husband was being very supportive. My SIL told him that she'd had 2 miscarriages 25 years ago! She never told him about it. I don't believe she did. We had the same friends back then & went everywhere together. All of us either getting pregnant or trying to get pregnant & discussing it all with each other. She never mentioned miscarriage. I had 1 during that time & a mutual friend did to. She has lied to him so much over the last 30 years that I don't think she even remembers what she's told him. I did send a note to my niece. She came to DS's wedding in April but never said anything to any of us, as usual.

That's all for now.

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craftycorral said...

Sorry to hear about your niece's miscarriage. I lost my first one as well. My mother and sister also had miscarriages. It's difficult.