Sunday, June 24, 2007

Family Reunions

Yesterday our entire family took a day trip to my in-laws for the annual family reunion. We used to go every year, but as DH got busier with his medical practice we didn't make it very often. The years that we did go, DH's sisters or their spouses didn't go. We were all there at the same time, all 23 of us! The first time since 2003. In the 4 year span, our daughter-in-law was added to the family as well as the births of a nephew's 2 little girls. Yesterday was the first time I'd seen the youngest one. She turned 1 in March & she's a cutie pie! His older one is 3 1/2, also cute as a buton. My, they do grow up fast.

My mother told me today that my niece is pregnant. That'll be the 2nd grandchild for my younger brother. It's happening the same with grandchildren as it did with having children. The younger ones have them before I do when I want them so bad. But God's timing is perfect!

Tomorrow I'm leaving to go visit my mother & sister for a few days. I haven't been to visit them since Christmas. Although I did see them when they came down for the wedding.

That's all till next month.

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