Friday, June 15, 2007

This & That

Last Sunday my youngest son set out on a "road trip" with 3 of his friends. They made it to their destination with no mishaps. They should be returning on Sat. night or sometime Sunday after spending the week as alumni judges at the NCFCA national tournament in Belton, TX. I'm sure they've had a good time!!

Then on Wed. I took my oldest daughter to the airport for her trip to Pasadena, CA for a Nancy Drew convention. This will make the 3rd convention she's been to. She'll be returning on Sunday night. The sleuths will be enjoying a tour of Warner Brothers Studios, a special showing of the new Nancy Drew movie, & a tour of 2 different libraries. She did call earlier today & it sounds like she's having a wonderful time.

DH is off this week. The first part of the week was spent recovering from his 2 week work shift. Wed. night we were alone for dinner so he went & picked up Chinese food. Then we watched The Fantastic Four on DVD. Yesterday we got the yard work done. With all the rain it was looking pretty bad. After cleaning up we went out to see Spiderman 3. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie!

Today has been spent working on homework for the Characterization online course I'm doing through ACFW. I'm learning a lot with this course. I've had to give considerable thought to my main character, Mona, & have fleshed her out some. The bonus to that is I've also got the main outline of the story!

Zoe misses her "mommy"! She's still housebound because of her injury from the vicious Siamese. She pulled her stitches out so the "hole" has not closed up at all. It looks fine though & doesn't seem to bother her at all. She gets lonely & searches me out. Sometimes she wants to play & sometimes she just wants to be loved on. It's amazing how sweet she can be then quickly changes into a little demon. I'm really getting attached to her though, she's a lot of company.

Next weenkend we have a family reunion to go to on DH's side of the family. It'll be at his parents house with both of his siblings, their spouses & all their children in attendance. This is a yearly event, but it'll be the first time we've all been in attendance since I can remember. I went to my first one just 2 weeks after marrying into this family. Hopefully son #1 who got married 2 months ago will change his mind & attend. Everyone wants to meet his new wife & congratulate him on his marriage. I'm not sure all of the great-aunts even know about his marriage since invitations were only sent to the immediate family.

I think I'll go to Arkansas to visit my mother & sister when DH goes back to work on the 24th. I haven't been up there since Christmas.

That's it for now.

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