Friday, June 08, 2007

Where did May go?

I truly meant to update this blog more often than once a month. But, May simply flew by me!

We've been getting some yard work done finally. Bought a new mower that can handle our huge yard & will help with clearing out some of the brush in parts of the yard that we want to reclaim. It will be slow going though.

DH & I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary. He was working so I took him lunch. Then I met my 2 daughters at the theater to see the new Pirates movie. It was a good movie & we had a good time. We've spent many anniversaries this way. But, I knew it would be that way when I married him. A successful marriage to a busy doctor who really cares about giving his patients the best care possible is not always easy. Yet, knowing that I'm married to the man God made for me & knowing how much he loves me makes all of it worth it. The times he couldn't be here for special occasions such as Christmas with the kids, the times he had to leave me in labor to go see a patient in the ER, the times we didn't get to go out to eat for our anniversary, etc. it's all OK. Why? Because our marriage was God's will for our lives & I knew from the beginning that he would not be able to give me & our children 100% of his attention.

When I hear women complaining because their husbands weren't home by 5:30 or he was off playing with the kids & not with her, I don't understand what they're complaining about. Having to handle crises & 4 children on my own has made me a stronger person. When there's no one to call on for help you learn to handle more than you thought possible. God used the verse "you can do all things through Christ" to remind me that He was looking out for me & I could handle whatever came my way.

That's not to say that crises or homeschooling 4 children or my husband not being around all the time were easy situations to handle. Some things were really hard & I wasn't always sure that I would make it. But, I did make it & I'm a stronger person because of it. God was faithful & still is!

As I'm struggling to find my place in life with all of my children grown & my husband still working those long hours, I need to remember that God is still faithful. He has a plan for this season of my life. I just have to lean on Him more & seek His guidance. Ah, peace - what a wonderful thing!

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Sandie said...

Now you will have time to devote to your writing. Have fun with it.