Tuesday, July 24, 2007

When Families Need to Stick Together

Yesterday DH & I got up early & drove to Shreveport to be with his family while my MIL had surgery for breast cancer. It was a long day of waiting. We got home after midnight. That makes 3 late nights in a row & I can really feel it today. Now we're waiting for all of the pathology reports to come back. We know that she will have to take radiation treatments, but additional treatments will depend on the reports. I'm afraid life as we've known it will be changing. DH & I will be going to his parents some during the weeks that he's not working. Just to check on them & give his dad a break from driving to & from Shreveport every day. I'm afraid that's going to get very tiring very quickly since it's an hour each way. We offered to house them at our house for the duration so she could get treatment here, but they don't want to be separated that long (I don't blame them) & he has to check all the oil wells (that's their income) every day. The grandkids are volunteering to step up & help on weekends as their work & school schedules allow. They can all cook, clean, & do the grocery shopping for them. We will all have to come together, work together, & support each other to get through this difficult time. We all know that God is a merciful, loving, healing God who will provide what's needed for each of our families. As one SIL stated, "I don't know how people deal with this when they don't know God." I totally agree!!

This is about all we've been able to think about for the last week. I'm sure there's more I could write about, but I just can't seem to think through them right now. Maybe later on this week I can update this blog with more pleasant things that have been going in my life.

BTW, the photo at the bottom of this page is the entire clan that's affected by these circumstances. It was taken at the family reunion in June.

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